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As I came to little Spitzes

The kids were grown up, I like to go for walks and I did not want to just wander outside, doggie would be an ideal companion, you have to go out in any weather, which a spouse does not want. I had been choosing a suitable breed for a long time. I knew that I wanted a little hairy dog. Initially, there were more races in the choice, finally by exclusion method German Spitz (Pomeranian) remained. I drove in 1996 for my first little bitch with high fever from Prague, at that time I lived Na Hřebenkách, to Stříbro. I did not want to wait until I'd be healthy; I was really looking forward to the puppy. There were two females orange sable, the one caught my eye at the first sight, and at once as she toddled to me, it was decided about the love for almost 15 years. I did not care that the breeder said she had thought the second one for me. I've never regretted it. I started calling her Vicky (although according to the genealogy she was Viola); she was our Vikynka, Vikášek, Vikýsek, and Vikča. She was incredible. Immediately when I brought her home, my mum came to see her and she said, „Pardon me“, What poor soul have you brought, she is trembling all over. She was shivering; therefore, she was reaching into the bowl for meat. She was so tiny that even a low bowl was too high for her and as she was trying on those short legs of hers to reach to the middle of the bowl for chick, she had to make a terrible effort, causing that tremor. She slept in the bed with us, always only by the legs. Vicky loved fetching sticks, she carried twigs, fallen apples, chestnuts and she kept on at bringing them until the "last drop of blood". We were very connected to each other. When my mother died, they called from the hospital, I do not know how the pet sensed, but she came and put her paw on me like she would say did not worry, together we would manage it; and a whole day she did not move away from me, she still touched me, patted me and she evinced how much she felt compassion for me. I thought that I must return her such a soulful care during her dog's life. She was a sis, which is not just born immediately.

After 4 years, in order she would not be sad alone at home, I decided to get her a friend. There was added to our family Marcie, wonderful creamy furry blob. In the year 2000 there were a few Pomeranians, I had been waiting for Marcie for three years. However, Vicky was not glad, she was more a loner, she was satisfied with her human pack, and apparently she was not longing for a canine friend. It took a long time until her rutting when she tried, whether the puppy could not mate her, who, for obvious reasons, did not succeed, but the ice has been broken. At the end eventually, Marcie took a leading role in a dog pack despite its dwarf size, a later arrival to the family, she was the dominant, but they have become partners. Although they had never romped, as I can see with our dog girls now, they were still together. Both were great travellers. When I was preparing things for a journey and took their travel bags, they both threw themselves headlong into the bags and did not move out of the bag until we loaded them into the car. They loved trips, walks, and like most of the dogs they wanted be outside as long as possible. However, to live permanently in a house with a garden, it was fulfilled me and them later. They loved the garden in the summer even in the winter. Especially Vicky was a winter dog. How she was able to rampage in the snow. She dig by snout in the snow, in a way that only her ears were visible and she threw her hind legs like a kid.

Unfortunately, girls aged, so I had decided to buy a Pomeranian – a stud dog Ashley, whom, I planned, gradually I would take dog girls. I wanted to fulfil my dream to have a small breeding station and to breed a few puppies. We went to Slovakia in the winter for a cream dog originating in the USA line. Wonderful puppy that constantly required attention from the two grandmothers wanted to play. Ashley grew up in a beautiful dog, although a little bigger than we expected, he gathered titles on exhibitions and so we have Czech Champion at home. When Vicky went to the dog's heaven, Marcie was also no longer the youngest and she bear the temperament puppy very resentful, so I bought another puppy. I thought that my grandmother Marcie would have a rest and serenity. Well, to the family there was added female ginger Brittany. Brittany is more of a loner. By size, colouring and nature she looks a lot like Vicky, I say that the God has sent her to me so that I do not miss Vicky so much. Most of the day she indulges in her bed, where she carries all her stuffed and soft animals and she is content. If I sit on the seat in front of TV, her place will be on the chest of owner, she nestles up right under my chin so that watching screen is quite difficult over the spitz’s fur. The only thing which always unsettles her is our cat Sisi, who she always must chase around and woof out, it's still a different species. Then there was another addition to the family black and tan Jessy. Jessy is a very nice, well-behaved bitch and a great mother. How she is able to take care of her canine babies. From the first litter she had three wonderful hairy balls. It was immediately clear to me that if there would be a girl in the colour that we had not had yet, she would stay home. Therefore, we have got Alma. When my husband tames her temperament, I tell him, yeah you have got what you've given birth to. Jessy bred while I was at work and the man called me, “where are you, come home, we have the first puppy”. It was a black girl, and she was named Alma. Black is the right colour for her, because it is transformed devil. The most active animal I have ever known, always watchful, always inventing some new mischief, and when she does not have a canine mate for misbehaving, she is grateful for even our cat Sisi. The most active animal I know, ever watchful, ever devising some mischief, and when he has canine sidekick on misbehaving and gratitude for taking our cat Sisi. Even from Jessy’s second litter there were also three amazing puppies. I am in touch with new owners and I know how our babies are doing. After another two years there was other addition into our dog pack Lady, ginger orange sable, it is our smallest dog, a crumb nearly a little dwarf. She is also addicted to me, she follows me everywhere. As I get up, she follows, so she goes with me also to the rest room. Our latest addition is Beyonce – just Bey. She is also addicted to me but she shows it off differently. She is downright a welcoming type. Not that the others were not welcoming, but she enjoys it the longest. She greets for so long that she remains alone, and all the attention of her mistress is only and only hers. The most she loves scratching at the base of the tail. Bey is very nice, and even in exhibitions she has been appreciated and received an excellent but she does not want to show off and has a tendency to run away from the circle` a while she goes as supposed but then she gets bored and hurray away. Unlike Ashley, who enjoyed the shows downright and could not wait till morning, so we needed to prepare stuff for the exhibition secretly at night while he was sleeping because he was terrified that we would accidentally leave him at home` that much he was looking forward and he vehemently urged us so that we finally went. It's a shame that Bey does not want to exhibit, she has wonderful strong bones, wonderful crème sable colour and those eyes, how they are able to look, I just say only to talk.

I just have to fully agree with one breeder who aptly wrote about Pomeranians they are like potato chips, one is never enough. I am not able to say whether the number of doggies is final so maybe ...... maybe.

One thing I know for sure those Spitzes are love for whole life; they never upset you, only when they go into the dog's heaven. I know no better therapy than stroking a dog's fur and believe me that Spitz has the most wonderful coat I have ever known.